C: Other 2018 CPO PI Documents

General Inquiry Documents

GID/1     Inspector's Pre-Inquiry Meeting Note of 12 September 2017
GID/2     Inspector’s Ruling on Filming, 31 January 2018
GID/3     Inquiry Adjournment Timetable for certain documents - issued by the Inspector on 1
February 2018

GID/4     Inspector's Ruling on the Withdrawal of Evidence by ALAG
GID/5     Planning Inspectorate letter to Mr Marcus Relton dated 5 April 2018
TBC       Inspector's Revised Ruling on Filming at the Inquiry
GID/6     Site Visit Thursday 19 April 2018 Itinerary
GID/7     Site Visit Thursday 19 April 2018 Plan
GID/8     Attendance Sheets
GID/9     Closing Letter, dated 27 April 2018


LB Southwark
CD79 - Statement of Case
APP/0/1 - Updated Statement of Case - November 2017
APP/0/2 - List of Appearances
APP/0/3 - Formalities Bundle
APP/0/4 - Opening Statement
APP/0/5 - Chronology of Development Partnership Agreement publication
APP/0/6 - L & Q note entitled Defects at Site 1a and Site 7
APP/0/7 - Joint Response of Mr Simon Bayliss and Ms Catherine Bates to the Objectors’ Schematic proposal to retain Chiltern
APP/0/8    Greater London Authority letter of 15 January 2018 to LB of Southwark – Applications for Variations of Conditions
APP/0/9    ODPM publication: A Decent Home: Definition & Guidance for Implementation – February 2004
APP/0/10   DCLG publication: A Decent Home: Definition & Guidance for Implementation – June 2006 Update
APP/0/11    Response to Ms Judi Bos OBJ/JB/6 Appendix 13 (marked JBSS13)
APP/0/12    35% Campaign website extract – ‘Some lessons from the Aylesbury estate CPO public inquiry from the perspective of 35% Campaign’
APP/0/13     Rebuttal to Proof of Evidence of Mr Boris Bos (OBJ/BB/1)
APP/0/14     Errata to Proof of Evidence & Appendices of Dr James Beard
APP/0/15     Replacement table to part of Dr Beards Appendix 3
APP/0/16     List of Leaseholders in occupation as at the Secretary of State’s Decision Letter of 16 September 2016
APP/0/17     Note: The Proper Approach to the Public Sector Equality Duty in Decision Making
APP/0/18     Appeal Court Judgement: Stuart Bracking & the Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, 6 November 2013
APP/0/19     Summary of wheelchair provisions on Aylesbury Site 1b/1c (“The First Development Site”) 22/01/2018
APP/0/20     Note: Matters arising from the cross examination of Mr Stephen Platts
APP/0/21     Overview of home owner’s case for CPO hearing 2018 – Mr Boris Bos & Ms Judi Bos
APP/0/22     Email chain of LB of Southwark contact with Mr & Mrs Bos
APP/0/23     Note: Delivery of Infrastructure on the Aylesbury – Mr Daniel Davies
APP/0/24     Legal Judgement – Hopkins Homes Limited v Communities Secretary and Cheshire East Borough Council v Communities Secretary, 10 May 2017
APP/0/25     Legal Judgement – R v Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, 31 July 2000
APP/0/26     Legal Judgement – Alliance Spring Co Ltd & Others v The First Secretary of State, 18 January 2005
APP/0/27     Errata to Witness Evidence of Mr Daniel Davies, 25 January 2018
APP/0/28     Note: Rehousing policy and leaseholder savings, 25 January 2018
APP/0/29     Note: Number of objections received to the London Borough of Southwark (Aylesbury Estate 1b - 1c) Compulsory Purchase Order 2014
APP/0/30     Deed of Surrender of 124 Chartridge from Acqua Plus Developments Ltd to the LB of Southwark dated 31 January 2018
APP/0/31     Matters arising from Ms Catherine Bates’ evidence
APP/0/32     Draft Statement of Common Ground – General Matters
APP/0/33     Draft Statement of Common Ground – Daylight/Sunlight
APP/0/34     Draft Statement of Common Ground - Quantity Surveyors
APP/0/35     Response to Professor Loretta Lees’ Project Brief
APP/0/36     Council’s update statement dated 10th April
APP/0/37     Appendix 1 to Update Note: ALAG letter to the Planning Inspectorate (as document OBJ/ALAG/0/23)
APP/0/38     Appendix 2 to Update Note: Signed Statement of Common Ground between the Council and ALAG (as document OBJ/ALAG/0/22)
APP/0/39     Appendix 3 to Update Note: Schedule of ALAG Evidence referred to in the ALAG letter to the Planning Inspectorate (as document OBJ/ALAG/0/24)
APP/0/40     Appendix 4 to Update Note: List of Correspondence
APP/0/41     Appendix 5 to Update Note: GVA Shared Equity update, April 2018
APP/0/42     Report regarding amending the shared equity rehousing policy for qualifying homeowners affected by regeneration, dated 16 March 2018
APP/0/43     GVA briefing note 24 January 2018
APP/0/44     Proof of evidence of Paul Fletcher MSc on Daylight & Sunlight Amenity and Appendices 1 and 2, April 2018
APP/0/45     Note on s73 (GLA requested) Financial Viability Appraisal information on the Order Land, 10 April 2018
APP/0/46     Updated Plan of Order Land, 13 April 2018
APP/0/47     Council’s letter dated 9 April in response to a letter from Judi Bos dated 6 April 2018
APP/0/48     Council’s letter dated 12 April regarding an application for an adjournment by Judi Bos made in a letter dated 11 April 2018
APP/0/49     Council’s response to Judi Bos’s Updated Statement 13 April 2018, 18 April 2018
APP/0/50     Joint response of Simon Bayliss and Ms Catherine Bates to Ms J Bos proposed option to retain 120-149 Chartridge, 18 April 2018
APP/0/51     Council’s response to Piers Corbyn’s additional statement dated 16 April 2018, 18 April 2018
APP/0/52     Closing Submissions on behalf of the London Borough of Southwark, 26 April 2018

Proofs of Evidence
APP/1/1 Stephen Platts - Proof of Evidence
APP/1/2 Stephen Platts - Summary
APP/1/3 Stephen Platts - Appendices
APP/1/4 Stephen Platts - Rebuttal Proof and Appendices
APP/2/1 Simon Bayliss - Proof of Evidence
APP/2/2 Simon Bayliss - Summary
APP/2/3 Simon Bayliss - Appendices
APP/2/4 Simon Bayliss - Rebuttal Proof
APP/2/5 Simon Bayliss - PowerPoint Presentation
APP/2/6 Simon Bayliss - Image references for PowerPoint Presentation
APP/2/7 Simon Bayliss - Comparison of Carbon Dioxide Emissions – All First Development Site
APP/2/8 Simon Bayliss - Comparison of Carbon Dioxide Emissions – Excluding Arklow House 
APP/3/1 Catherine Bates - Proof of Evidence
APP/3/2 Catherine Bates - Summary
APP/3/3 Catherine Bates - Appendices
APP/3/4 Catherine Bates - Rebuttal Proof
APP/3/5 Catherine Bates - Updated Plan of Order Land
APP/4/1 Eleanor Purser - Proof of Evidence
APP/4/2 Eleanor Purser - Summary
APP/4/3 Eleanor Purser - Appendices Part 1 (File size: 25 MB)
              Eleanor Purser - Appendices Part 2 (File size: 20 MB)
APP/4/4 Eleanor Purser - Rebuttal Proof
APP/4/5 Eleanor Purser - Rebuttal Appendices
APP/4/5a Eleanor Purser - List of Rebuttal Appendices
APP/4/6  Eleanor Purser - Notting Hill Housing Governance Structures & Merger Matters – 11 January 2018
APP/4/7  Eleanor Purser - Replacement/Errata to Appendix 12 of the Proof of Evidence
APP/4/8  Eleanor Purser - Notting Hill Housing Governance Structures & Merger Matters 
APP/5/1 Michael Leary-Owhin - Proof of Evidence
APP/5/2 Michael Leary-Owhin - Summary
APP/5/3 Michael Leary-Owhin - Appendices
APP/5/4 Michael Leary-Owhin - Rebuttal Proof
APP/5/5 Aylesbury NDC: Physical Environment Theme Evaluation - Final Report January 2010
APP/5/6 Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015 Scores for Southwark in the Context of Inner London, Overall Deprivation/Income
APP/6/1 James Beard - Proof of Evidence
APP/6/2 James Beard - Summary
APP/6/3 James Beard - Appendices
APP/6/4 James Beard - Rebuttal Proof
APP/7/1 Virginia Blackman - Proof of Evidence
APP/7/2 Virginia Blackman - Summary
APP/7/3 Virginia Blackman - Appendices
APP/7/4 Virginia Blackman - Rebuttal Proof
APP/8/1 Marcus Mayne - Proof of Evidence
APP/8/2 Marcus Mayne - Summary
APP/8/3 Marcus Mayne - Appendices: (not available electronically for data protection)
      Appendices 1 to 3
      Appendix 4 Part 1 - File 1
      Appendix 4 Part 1 - File 2
      Appendix 4 Part 1 - File 3
      Appendix 4 Part 1 - File 4
      Appendix 4 Part 2
      Appendix 4 Part 3
      Appendix 4 Part 4
      Appendix 4 Part 5
      Appendix 4 Part 6
      Appendix 4 Part 7
APP/8/3a  Marcus Mayne - List of Appendix 4 contents
APP/8/4 Marcus Mayne - Rebuttal Proof
APP/9/1 Daniel Davies - Proof of Evidence
APP/9/2 Daniel Davies - Appendices
APP/9/3 Daniel Davies - Note on Floorspace

Judi Bos
OBJ/JB/1 Statement of Case - Judi Bos - updated 7 November 2017
OBJ/JB/2 Appendices 1 to 11 (inc) to updated Statement of Case
      List of Appendices
      Appendix JB1
      Appendix JB2
      Appendix JB3
      Appendix JB4
      Appendix JB5
      Appendix JB6
      Appendix JB7
      Appendix JB8
      Appendix JB9
      Appendix JB10
      Appendix JB11 
OBJ/JB/3 Proof of Evidence - Judi Bos
OBJ/JB/4 Appendices 1 to 4 (inc) to Proof of Evidence
     Appendix 1
     Appendix 2
     Appendix 3
     Appendix 4 and additional information
OBJ/JB/5 Supplementary Statement & Rebuttal Proof
OBJ/JB/6 Appendices to Supplementary Statement & Rebuttal Proof
     JBSS11; JBSS12; JBSS13; JBSS14; JBSS15; JBSS16; JBSS17; JBSS18; JBSS19;
     JBSS20; JBSS21; JBSS22; JBSS23; JBSS24; JBSS25 and JBSS26 part 1, part 2 & part 3
OBJ/JB/7 Opening Statement
OBJ/JB/8 Email exchange with the Regeneration Manager, London Borough of Southwark, 5 and 8 January 2018 re: mediation
OBJ/JB/9 Emails of 9 and 10 May 2017 in relation to service address for Notices
OBJ/JB/10 Email of 18 July 2017 in relation to Freedom of Information requests to the London Borough of Southwark
OBJ/JB/11 Application for Planning Permission – Notting Hill Housing Trust, 29 September 2014
OBJ/JB/12 Professor Jane Rendell Proof of Evidence (Document OBJ/ALAG/W12/1 re-submitted as evidence for Judi Bos)
OBJ/JB/13 Professor Jane Rendell Curriculum Vitae (Document OBJ/ALAG/W12/2 re-submitted as evidence for Judi Bos)
OBJ/JB/14 Professor Jane Rendell Appendices 1 to 10 (inc) (Document OBJ/ALAG/W12/3 re-submitted as evidence for Judi Bos)
OBJ/JB/15 Professor Jane Rendell Rebuttal Proof (Document OBJ/ALAG/W12/4 re-submitted as evidence for Judi Bos)
OBJ/JB/16 Updated Statement and Appendices 1 to 9, 13 April 2018
OBJ/JB/17 Letter to the Inspector, dated 9 April 2018
OBJ/JB/18 Reasons for adjournment and reinstating the ALAG evidence both oral and written and allowing the witnesses to give evidence and appendices, 11 April 2018
OBJ/JB/19 Updated Statement and Appendices 1 and 2, 16 April 2018
OBJ/JB/20 E-mail from Judi Bos to Mr Chambers dated 28 April 2017
OBJ/JB/21 Letter from Drukker Solicitors to Seth Lovis & Co Solicitors, dated 12 May 2017
OBJ/JB/22 Closing Statement from Judi Bos April 2018

Boris Bos
OBJ/BB/1  Proof of Evidence
OBJ/BB/2  Reply to the response of the LB of Southwark
OBJ/BB/3  Appendices to the Reply marked File and Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4, Exhibit 5 & Exhibit 6
OBJ/BB/4  Evidence of Boris Bos, 13 April 2018
OBJ/BB/5     Appendices to Evidence of Boris Bos, 13 April 2018 

Paul Palley
OBJ/PP/1 Statement of Case/Proof of Evidence - Paul Palley - updated 24 October 2017
OBJ/PP/2 Summary Note
OBJ/PP/3 Email to Inspector of 16 January 2018 re FOI 3-6 Monolulu Court
OBJ/PP/4 Email to Inspector of 18 January 2018 re Human Rights 1 and 8
OBJ/PP/5 Emails to Inspector, with two Appendices, of 19 & 22 January 2018 re other London Borough estates        Appendix 1           Appendix 2
OBJ/PP/6 Email to Inspector of 31 January 2018 re LB of Haringey policies, listing and costs
OBJ/PP/7 Bundle of 16 emails received between 4 April 2018 and 17 April 2018 from Paul Palley - 4 April 1426 hours; 4 April 1427 hours; 12 April 0821 hours; 12 April 1225 hours; 12 April 1610 hours; 13 April 1203 hours; 13 April 1420 hours; 13 April 1424 hours; 13 April 1549 hours; 13 April 1618 hours; 13 April 2044 hours; 13 April 2051 hours; 14 April 0750 hours; 14 April 1749 hours; 14 April 2017 hours; 17 April 1725 hours 
OBJ/PP/8 Email, dated 20 April 2018 with accompanying Note for the inquiry following the oral submission made on 18 April 2018
OBJ/PP/9 Email, dated 20 April 2018 with attached email from Jennifer Quinton Chelly to Paul Palley dated 20 April 2018 

Aylesbury Leaseholder Action Group & 35%
OBJ/ALAG/0/1 Statement of Case - Alesbury Leaseholders' Group - updated 10 November 2017 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/2 Collective Rebuttal Proof Appendices references ORS1 to ORS34 (inc)
List of Appendices, ORS1ORS2ORS3ORS4,  ORS5,  ORS6ORS7ORS8ORS9ORS10ORD11ORS12ORS13ORS14ORS15ORS16ORS17ORS18ORS19ORS20aORS20bORS21aORS21bORS22ORS23ORS24ORS25ORS26ORS27ORS28ORS29ORS30ORS31ORS32ORS33  and  ORS34  (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/3 Opening Statement (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/4 Guardian Extract of 11 January 2018 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/5 Withdrawn
OBJ/ALAG/0/6 Letter from Mr Alan Shaw dated 5 December 2017 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/7 Email from Mr Eltayeb Hassan to Ms Beverley Robinson of 21 January 2018 re Right to Buy (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/8 Letter to Ms Beverley Robinson from the Notting Hill Housing dated 20 July 2015 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/9 Letter to the LB of Southwark from Ms Beverley Robinson dated 3 October 2017 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/10 Emails from the LB of Southwark relating to Ms Agnes Kabuto dated 25 January 2013 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/11 Executive Summary, Wandsworth Borough Council – Regeneration & Improvement Scheme for the Winstanley/York Road and other estates (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/12 Schedule of Floorspaces (first entry – Block 1D) (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/13 Schedule of Floorspaces (first entry - Block 1A)  (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/14 Email to Ms Agnes Kabuto from the Aylesbury Regeneration Team dated 1 August 2013 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/15 Replacement Statement of Mr Jerry Flynn dated 23 January 2018 in response to APP/0/12 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/16  Note on the approach to be taken to the public sector equality duty (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/17  Legal Judgement – The Queen on the Application of Kaur and Shah v the London Borough of Ealing ~ Intervenor – The Equality & Human Rights Commission (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/18  Hard copy of PowerPoint presentation of Professor Loretta Lees (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/19  Chapter 4 of Remaking London: Decline & Regeneration in Urban Culture (referred to in Appendix 4 of Proof of Evidence of Dr Ben Campkin (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/20  Chapter 6 extract E8 (pgs 252 – 265 (inc)) of draft London Plan, December 2017 (withdrawn)
OBJ/ALAG/0/21   Professor Loretta Lees – Case of Support for awarded ESRC Grant
OBJ/ALAG/0/22   Statement of Common Ground agreed between the London Borough of Southwark and the Aylesbury Leaseholders Action Group dated 29 March 2018 
OBJ/ALAG/0/23    Withdrawal of all written and oral evidence 
OBJ/ALAG/0/24     Update Appendix 3 Schedule of ALAG Evidence

Proofs of Evidence - 
Dr Richard Baxter:
     OBJ/ALAG/W1/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W1/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W1/3   CV (withdrawn)
Ms Sally Causer:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W2/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W2/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W2/3   Appendix1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5 (see CD63), Appendix 6 (see CD10), Appendix 7, Appendix 8 and Appendix 9  (withdrawn)
Dr Robert Colenutt
    OBJ/ALAG/W3/1   Proof (withdrawn)
    OBJ/ALAG/W3/2   Summary (withdrawn)
    OBJ/ALAG/W3/3   CV (withdrawn)
    OBJ/ALAG/W3/4   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3 and Appendix 4 (withdrawn)
Dr Ben Campkin:  
    OBJ/ALAG/W4/1   Proof (withdrawn)
    OBJ/ALAG/W4/2   CV (withdrawn)
    OBJ/ALAG/W4/3   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4 and Appendix 5 (withdrawn)
Mr Jerry Flynn 
    OBJ/ALAG/W5/1   Proof (withdrawn)
    OBJ/ALAG/W5/2   Summary (withdrawn)
    OBJ/ALAG/W5/3   Annex 1: Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5, Appendix 6, Appendix 7, Appendix 8, Appendix 9, Appendix 10, Appendix 11, Appendix 12, Appendix 13,  Appendix 14Appendix 15Appendix 16Appendix 17Appendix 18Appendix 19Appendix 20Appendix 21Appendix 22Appendix 23Appendix 24Appendix 25, Appendix 26, Appendix 27, Appendix 28, Appendix 29, Appendix 30, Appendix 31, Appendix 32, Appendix 33, Appendix 34, Appendix 35, Appendix 36, Appendix 37, Appendix 38, Appendix 39, Appendix 40, Appendix 41, Appendix 42, Appendix 43, Appendix 44, Appendix 45, Appendix 46, Appendix 47, Appendix 48, Appendix 49, Appendix 50, Appendix 51, Appendix 52, Appendix 53, Appendix 54, Appendix 55, Appendix 56, Appendix 57, Appendix 58, Appendix 59, Appendix 60, Appendix 61, Appendix 62 and Appendix 63 (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W5/4   Annex 2 (withdrawn)
Prof Loretta Lees:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W6/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W6/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W6/3   CV (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W6/4   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5, Appendix 6 and Appendix 7 (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W6/5   Rebuttal Proof (withdrawn)
Mr Richard Lee:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W7/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W7/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W7/3   Appendix 1, Appendix 2 (see CD8), Appendix 3 and Appendix 4 (withdrawn)
Mr Simon Morrow:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W8/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W8/2   CV (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W8/3   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5, Appendix 6, Appendix 7, Appendix 8, Appendix 9 (see CD1), Appendix 10 (see CD1), Appendix 11 (see CD8), Appendix 12 (see CD1), Appendix 13, Appendix 14, Appendix 15, Appendix 16, Appendix 17Appendix 18-1 and Appendix 18-2  (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W8/4   Rebuttal Proof (withdrawn)
Ms Anna Minton:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W9/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W9/2   Appendix 1, Appendices 2, 4 & 5 (see Proof above), Appendix 3, Appendix 6 and Appendix 7 (withdrawn)
Mr Rastko Novakovic:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W10/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W10/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W10/3   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Apendix 5, Appendix 6, Appendix 7, Appendix 8, Appendix 9, Appendix 10, Appendix 11, Appendix 12, Appendix 13, Appendix 14, Appendix 15, Appendix 16, Appendix 17, Appendix 18, Appendix 19, Appendix 20, Appendix 21, Appendix 22, Appendix 23, Appendix 24, Appendix 25 and Appendix 26 (withdrawn)
Mr Peter Raynham:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W11/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W11/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W11/3   CV (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W11/4   Appendix (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W11/5   Rebuttal (withdrawn)
Prof Jane Rendell:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W12/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W12/2   CV (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W12/3   Appendix1; Appendix 2; Appendix 3; Appendix 4; Appendix 5; Appendix 6; Appendix 7; Appendix 8; Appendix 9Appendix 10 (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W12/4   Rebuttal Proof (withdrawn)
Ms Patricia Turnbull:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W13/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W13/2   CV (withdrawn)
Mr George Turner:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W14/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W14/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W14/3   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5, Appendix 5a, Appendix 6, Appendix 7, Appendix 8 and Appendix 9 (withdrawn)
Ms Beverley Robinson:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W15/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W15/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W15/3   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5 and Appendix 6 and Exhibit A and Exhibit B (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W15/4   Rebuttal Proof (withdrawn)
Ms Agnes Kabuto:    
     OBJ/ALAG/W16/1   Proof (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W16/2   Summary (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W16/3   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5, Appendix 6 and Appendix 7 (withdrawn)
     OBJ/ALAG/W16/4   Rebuttal Proof (withdrawn)
Ms Rita Eneuchie:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W17/1   Proof
Ms Victoria Briden:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W18/1   Proof
     OBJ/ALAG/W18/2   Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3 and Appendix 4
Mr Piers Corbyn:  
     OBJ/ALAG/W19/1   Proof/Statement of Objection

     OBJ/ALAG/W19/2   Additional Statement, 16 April 2018 
     OBJ/ALAG/W19/3   Comment on Council's Response to Additional Statement, 19 April 2018 
Mr David Bailey:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W20/1   Proof/Statement of Objection
     OBJ/ALAG/W20/2   Second Statement of Objection & Appendices
Mr John Wesley Evans:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W21/1   Proof/Statement of Objection
Mr Maurizio Piga:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W22/1   Proof/Statement of Objection
Ms Angela Aikins-Andoh:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W23/1   Proof/Statement of Objection
Mr Richard & Ms Mary Osei-Kumaning:
     OBJ/ALAG/W24/1   Proof/Statement of Objection
Mr Stephen Dogbatse:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W25/1   Proof/Statement of Objection
Ms Joy Nyack-Bins:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W26/1   Proof/Statement of Objection
Mr Felix Badou:     
     OBJ/ALAG/W27/1   Proof/Statement of Objection

Other Correspondence
IC/1   Letter from David Jones, 17 April 2018

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